Since its foundation, B LAW & TAX has maintained a strong international focus, providing consultancy services to both Spanish and foreign clients in countries around the world.

Access to international markets is a fundamental need for the Firm’s clients and to ensure the best counselling in this matter, B LAW & TAX has a highly specialized team of professionals.

From our office in Madrid, we provide services to family businesses, athletes, entrepreneurs, large corporations, and various clients in investment operations and legal matters in Spain, Europe, Latin America, the USA, and Asia.

Our firm adopts a global approach that considers all stages and needs in the process of investment and divestment with an international component.

The first step for any foreign investment is the correct choice of the type of company and the labor and tax regime, requiring knowledge of the legal framework of the investing or receiving country.

Thus, at B LAW & TAX, along with our collaborators present in all countries, we provide a personalized service that ranges from choosing the appropriate investment structure and establishing the company or investment vehicle to advising the investor on fund raising and how, where, and how much to invest.

In turn, from the perspective of family investors (family offices), we collaborate with a network of experts that includes financial advisors, real estate professionals, banks, and companies specialized in mergers and acquisitions (M&A).


B LAW & TAX is a member of XLNC, an internationally acclaimed network that integrates professional firms providing legal, tax, audit, strategy, and consulting services worldwide.

XLNC is present in more than 40 countries, with 162 offices worldwide, allowing us to provide greater coverage for our clients’ international legal and tax needs arising from their business operations.

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Mobile Workforce

Under the motto ‘Empowering people to live and work anywhere in the world™’, Mobile Workforce Collaborative is a global collaboration of leading mobility services firms supporting the management needs of mobile workers and regulatory compliance for companies with cross-border workers.

B LAW & TAX is a member of this collaborative network since 2022.

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The ‘Spanish Association of International Labor Mobility’ was established in 2004 under the name of the Spanish Expatriation Forum, retaining its acronym (FEEX). Its primary objective is to support the international expansion of companies and the relocation of their employees. FEEX is a non-profit technical organization consisting of companies with international presence, aiming to promote the exchange of information among its members and the knowledge of best practices in the management of international mobility.

B LAW & TAX has been a part of this collaboration network since 2020.

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Empowering people to live and work anywhere in the world™

A global collaboration of best-in-class mobility services firms supporting the workforce management and compliance needs of companies with cross-border workers.

Specialized, world-class mobility expertise

Mobile Workforce Collaborative (MWC) Participating Firms are a community of hand-picked, leading service providers based in the world’s top business centers. These firms commit to providing elevated client service standards and working together to deliver a seamless and secure experience.

Consistent service from one aligned team

Participating Firms engage under a single agreement, ensuring they are held to the same service standards and data privacy agreements. They work together to provide a consistently high level of quality, service experience, and value—no matter where your employees are in the world.

Comprehensive range of mobility specialties

MWC Participating Firms have an extended reach in over 150 countries. This community of firms are experts in navigating the complexities of cross-border employee mobility, with capabilities in tax, relocation, immigration, and other specialized mobility matters.