Technology and Security

We have extensive experience advising companies in the security and technology sector, providing guidance to clients ranging from startups to large corporations.

Thanks to our ability to work closely with clients in formulating innovative and practical solutions, we tackle the challenges of a globalized digital economy.

Our team comprises professionals with expertise in transactions and legal and tax advisory, all with extensive experience in the technology and security systems sector, ensuring compliance with specific regulations in these industries.

In particular, we provide advice both contractually and procedurally on technology agreements (software licenses, IT projects, outsourcing, etc.), and we have extensive experience in serving companies operating through the Internet.

The team has considerable experience and knowledge regarding the processing of personal data, particularly in adapting to the new regulatory framework derived from the General Data Protection Regulation.

Additionally, we advise and keep our clients informed on regulatory matters, data analytics, cybersecurity threats, and the tax challenges arising from digitization, blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, etc.