International Trade

We provide guidance and participate in the creation of companies and other legal entities, as well as the formation of unions and business associations. We offer support throughout their journey, both nationally and internationally, guiding them through any challenges they may face.

Our multidisciplinary team is ready to help you navigate the complex tax and regulatory environment surrounding international trade to maximize efficiency in managing taxes affecting your businesses, in addition to providing comprehensive management to meet your tax responsibilities.

We specialize in corporate restructuring through planning and implementing the most suitable structure for business development. We conduct procedures such as mergers, spin-offs, segregations, or global transfers of assets and liabilities, identifying tax-saving opportunities and structuring efficient tax strategies.

In addition, we have extensive experience in negotiating, drafting, and closing all types of commercial contracts. We also design effective strategies for dispute resolution and claims related to these agreements.

Some of our common services specialized in the sector include:

  • International Tax Planning: Designing tax strategies to optimize the company’s structure to minimize the tax burden on international operations.
  • Transfer Pricing: Advising on transfer pricing to ensure that transactions between related companies comply with tax and customs regulations in different countries.
  • International Tax Compliance: Preparation and filing of tax returns for companies operating in multiple jurisdictions, ensuring compliance with local and international tax obligations.
  • Import and Export Tax Management: Assisting companies in complex customs regulations and import and export taxes, including correct tariff classification and cost minimization.
  • Double Taxation Treaties: Advising on international tax treaties to avoid double taxation and take advantage of available tax benefits.
  • Sales and Value Added Tax (VAT) Optimization: Assisting companies in complying with VAT regulations and optimizing VAT recovery in international operations.
  • International Expansion Planning: Advising on expanding business operations into new international markets and providing appropriate tax strategies.