Our services include specific tax optimization strategies for the agri-food sector, advising in all phases of agri-food industry activities. This ranges from negotiating the purchase of the necessary farms for business operations to advising on the international distribution chain, regulatory compliance tailored to current regulations, and guidance in transactions and mergers.

Some of our common specialized services in the agri-food industry include:

  • Comprehensive or specific advice for the acquisition, sale, operation, and management of rural or urban land.
  • Legal and tax due diligence of lands subject to buying and selling.
  • Optimization of agricultural taxes, helping agricultural companies manage taxes related to land ownership, agricultural income, and asset depreciation, thus optimizing their tax burden.
  • Advice on taxes and tariffs related to the export and import of agri-food products, including correct tariff classification and cost minimization.
  • Guidance on obtaining necessary permits for conducting business operations.

Our international perspective is a distinctive element, allowing us to provide clients with solutions tailored to an increasingly globalized business environment.