Experts in Real Estate Consulting

Spain is in a situation of greater economic stability and greater access to financing, which makes the real estate sector one of the attractions for investors in Europe.

The arrival of foreign funds to acquire Spanish real estate assets is on the rise and there is also a special interest in more long-term strategies, which anticipate a stabilization and recovery of the real estate market in the coming years.

B LAW & TAX Real Estate has extensive experience in this sector, working with construction companies, real estate and auxiliary businesses, through teams of professionals specialized in the sector and with the capacity to advise on different matters:

  • Corporate transactions such as mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and splits. Identification of opportunities
  • Support and advice on restructuring processes
  • Tax planning and control
  • Real estate law: investments, leasing, financing of real estate and other assets
  • Integral management, advice, design and execution of large real estate operations
  • Relationship with large corporate and local clients
  • Advice to institutional funds, family businesses, promoters, financial institutions and public administrations
  • Sale and leaseback

At B LAW & TAX Real Estate we are highly specialized in paying attention in an integrated way to the main real estate transactions, from the detailed knowledge of the different markets and practices in which they take place.

Our professional specialization in the various legal matters involved in this type of transaction and our in-depth knowledge of the sector’s practices enable us to provide advice in the various areas of the real estate business: buying and selling property and real estate companies, leases, development and construction contracts, real estate financing and the legal configuration of large properties.