Latam Desk

We have extensive experience in legal and tax advice, both for Latin American clients who wish to make investments in Spain, and for Spanish clients with commercial interests in Latin America.

In collaboration with the leading firms in each and every Latin American jurisdiction, we provide comprehensive legal advice on operations and investments on both sides of the Atlantic. Our knowledge of different countries, both from a cultural and regulatory perspective, allows us to offer tailor-made advice for each case, in order to meet your needs in a fast, efficient and quality manner. We provide you with the key information you need to make your business decisions.

We have extensive experience in advising companies, large estates and family groups of Latin American origin on their capital investments in Spain and other European countries. We assist, from the initial phase related to the design and implementation of the corporate structure, assistance in the financial part, contract negotiation, accounting and tax, regulatory compliance, etc.

We provide extensive legal and tax advice on all types of transactions, mentioning the following as examples:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Incorporation of subsidiaries, branches or representative offices
  • Real estate investments
  • Agency, supply, marketing or distribution agreements
  • Joint venture
  • Advice on capital entry processes 
  • Project financing
  • Tax planning and consulting
  • Labour law and expatriate management
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Real Estate Investment

With our specialized team, we advise our clients and provide them with our commitment, resources, knowledge, and contacts to help them find the asset and means that best fit their real estate investment goals.

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Beckham Law and Golden Visa

At B Law & Tax, we specialize in providing comprehensive advice to those relocating their tax residence to Spain, meeting the requirements for eligibility under the Beckham Law for employment-related reasons, seeking a more favorable way to fulfill their tax obligations.

Our collaboration covers all aspects related to relocation services in Spain. In our firm, we are committed to improving your tax situation and facilitating your transition to a new stage in our country. Additionally, for non-EU citizens, the Golden Visa represents an opportunity to obtain residency in Spain through strategic investments. With an investment, you can access this coveted visa.

We have the necessary experience to guide our clients through the Golden Visa acquisition process. We offer specialized advice, providing comprehensive solutions to ensure your future in Spain through intelligent investments.

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Trust y Unit Linked

In our commitment to the enduring legacy of your legacy, wealth management in our firm is based on the organization and safeguarding of the assets that make up your estate. We apply advanced legal tools, such as trusts and private interest foundations, to ensure robust protection.

We specialize in the creation and administration of fiduciary structures. With proper regulation and authorization, we ensure to provide expert management and comply with current regulations for our clients.

We stand out for providing specialized services in various areas of wealth management, addressing the needs of both local and international clients.

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Succession and Estate Planning

In the Firm, we specialize in safeguarding your legacy and ensuring a strong financial future through our Succession and Estate services.

We guide and facilitate the succession process to ensure a smooth transition of your estate to future generations. Additionally, we develop customized strategies to protect and grow your estate, tailored to your specific goals and needs.