National and international legal and tax counsel


B Law & Tax is a highly specialized legal boutique that provides legal and tax advisory services, both nationally and internationally.

Among our areas of expertise are international tax advisory for companies with international business projects, guidance for high-net-worth individuals, legal and tax advice for family businesses, and assistance in the field of expatriation of workers.

We stand out from other legal firms by providing highly specialized advisory services based on the principles of flexibility and agility.

Our multilingual international team, composed of high-level professionals, will guide and advise you on a wide range of international issues.

We are a team with various specializations within tax and commercial matters. We cover all legal and juridical aspects that may directly or indirectly affect the company, as well as legal aspects related to individuals.

We prioritize maintaining effective trust with the client. Our goal is to convey confidence, so that our clients feel secure and satisfied with our services.

The success of B Law & Tax is attributed to the commitment of our team and its ability to find different solutions that allow us to offer our client the most suitable solution for their needs.

We provide highly specialized service, and that’s why the immediacy of response to requests and the quality of service are our hallmarks.

We take pride in having the trust of our clients thanks to our policy of proximity, trust, and commitment, towards each and every one of them.


We are one of the leading firms in Spain in the tax field. People and their goals are our main focus. We provide a high-value-added service based on our experience and quality of work.


We are a specialized firm in the tax and commercial field, focused on international investments. This specialization, as opposed to multi-service firms, allows us to provide high value in our services.


We handle a wide variety of projects and clients simultaneously, with a very high responsiveness. We adapt to the working methods proposed by each client as well as to different situations related to the projects presented to us.


We assist our clients with their legal matters in a multitude of countries. We have extensive experience working in other jurisdictions and a wide network of international law firms with whom we collaborate.


Excellence in providing advisory services is our primary goal.

In order to achieve this goal, our firm is strongly committed to promoting collaboration among the members of our team and our clients, innovation, creativity, and diversity. Our organizational culture encourages the pursuit of the best solution for our clients. We are a firm inspired by a strong set of values where diversity and inclusion create a creative working environment and foster the variety of perspectives that our clients need.


Image Alfonso Garrido
Alfonso Garrido

Founding Partner and Director

Image Inmaculada Pineda
Inmaculada Pineda


Image Almudena Soler
Almudena Soler

Tax Advisor

Image Catalina Isabel	Hernández-Gil
Catalina Isabel Hernández-Gil

Commercial Advisor

Image Aitor Palmer
Aitor Palmer

Tax Advisor

Image María del Carmen Gelabert
María del Carmen Gelabert

Tax Advisor

Image Cemre Arslan
Cemre Arslan

Tax Advisor

Image Daniel Bravo
Daniel Bravo

Tax Advisor

Image Julia de Vicente
Julia de Vicente

Tax Advisor

Image María Perez
María Perez

Tax Advisor

Image Roland Wilhelm Gsell
Roland Wilhelm Gsell


Image Marta Ortiz
Marta Ortiz

Commercial Advisor

Image María García
María García

Head of the Administration Department

Image Vanesa Solaz
Vanesa Solaz


Image Inés Fuster
Inés Fuster

Back Office