Professional Athletes

Our advisory services focus primarily on comprehensive services for professional athletes in legal, tax, and wealth management aspects, as well as in their investments.

We provide tax and legal assistance to professional athletes in their relationships with clubs on all contractual matters, negotiation, and tax issues, offering international assistance as well. We also cover the tax and legal advisory part related to their wealth-related investments.

Furthermore, with the support of all areas of practice, our Sports Law team regularly advises entities related to the sports world, such as organizers of sports events, national and regional federations, and national and regional sports entities.

In the field of entertainment law, we provide comprehensive advice on tax and corporate aspects. Our services are aimed at producers, distributors, and their key suppliers, such as actors and directors, as well as private and institutional financiers.

We offer advice on tax, contractual, intellectual property, and corporate financing issues. We represent and defend our clients in administrative proceedings and litigation, providing them with guidance in various branches of the corresponding law.