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05 May 2023

Tax Advisor: Extension of the deductions in the Personal Income Tax of the Community of Madrid for 2023

Law 10/2023, of April 12th, which has been published in the Official Gazette of the Community of Madrid, has modified the Law of Madrid’s Assigned Taxes. The objective is to incentivize improvements in rental housing through the introduction of new deductions in the Personal Income Tax.

New measures

Among all the new measures we will highlight the following:

– Deduction of 500 euros for those who are entitled to the minimum for ascendants in the IRPF.

– Deduction of 10% for the expenses of conservation or repair of rented properties, with a limit of 150 euros per year

– Unification of deductions for schooling and language teaching expenses (15%).

– Extension of the deduction for the care of children under three years of age, elderly dependents and disabled persons (25%).

–  Deduction for the payment of interest on loans for undergraduate, master’s and doctoral studies.

– Improvement in the amount of the deduction for investment in the acquisition of stocks and shares of new or recently created entities (40%).

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