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19 July 2023

Tax Advisor: In which Autonomous Communities is Inheritance and Gift Tax not paid?

Regarding Inheritance and Gift Tax, when death occurs, it must be paid in the Autonomous Community where it has occurred. As it derives in an increase of wealth, the inheritance must be declared, being a progressive tax due to the fact that the amount varies according to the inherited amount. The maximum period to declare this amount is six months after the death.

Where does one have to pay more tax for an inheritance?

– In Castilla-La Mancha there are reductions from 100% to 80% in case the estate is higher than 300,000 euros.

– In the Valencian Community 75% must be paid.

– In Catalonia the reduction is from 99% to 20%, being inversely proportional to the taxable base of the inheritance.

– In Aragon, a 100% reduction is given if the inheritance reaches three million Euros.

– Andalusia, Cantabria, Castile and Leon, Extremadura, Madrid and Murcia offer an almost total tax exemption.

– In the Basque Country, only 1.5% of the inheritance is taxed.

– In Galicia, rates of 5% to 18% are given as from one million euros. In Aragón from 500,000 euros and in La Rioja from 400,000 euros.

– Asturias has declarable charges of 21 to 36.6% from 300,000 euros.

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