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18 April 2024

Interview with Alfonso Garrido, Founding Partner of B Law & Tax, for Inmobiliare magazine

In this article, we detail the interview conducted by Inmobiliare, a magazine specialising in the real estate sector, with the founding partner and director of our firm, Alfonso Garrido, as a specialist in the sector, at the head of a leading firm in international tax advice.

B LAW & TAX, based in Madrid, is a firm that stands out for its specialised focus on clients with international interests, both in the corporate and private equity sectors.

Our main specialisation lies in international taxation, providing advice both to local companies in their international projects and to foreign investors seeking to establish themselves in Spain as a gateway to the European market.

In the interview, Alfonso Garrido emphasised that it has been experience, after almost two decades, that has given B LAW & TAX a deep understanding of the common needs and challenges in the international legal arena.

According to Alfonso Garrido, managing partner of the firm, which was founded in 2005, our firm has excelled in advising private investors thanks to its high level of specialisation and experience in international tax advice.

It is worth mentioning that B LAW & TAX has been recognised by Chambers and Partners, a company specialising in legal sector rankings, as one of the best law firms in Spain for advising high net worth individuals.

As for the team, all our professionals have extensive knowledge of legal regulations, both locally and internationally, in corporate and tax aspects, having been able to participate in various projects at the international level.

Garrido highlighted the importance in this work of having a team of professionals with an international profile, solid values and a strong work ethic.

In the face of increasingly abundant and complex tax regulations, the commitment of the professionals dedicated to it is valued, providing them with continuous training to maintain high quality standards in customer service.

Garrido highlighted the importance of teamwork both in the legal sector and in the success of projects, as it allows to address challenges more effectively and to balance the legal area with business management in order to offer a comprehensive service to clients.

As for the distinctive features of B LAW & TAX, its boutique approach stands out, guaranteeing personalised advice with proximity and immediacy, which sets it apart from larger and less specialised firms.

The focus on specialisation and international scope allows the firm to deal with all legal and tax aspects related to real estate transactions at a global level, covering both real estate sales and purchases as well as real estate development and promotion.

On the other hand, our firm also offers advice in the commercial field, with a department specialised in corporate law, national and international commercial contracts, company incorporation, corporate transactions and restructurings.

Regarding future projects, Garrido mentioned that the firm is focused on the continued growth and expansion of its services, both nationally and internationally, strengthening capabilities in key areas such as real estate investment advice and exploring new technologies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the services offered to clients.

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