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24 May 2023

Tax advisor: Álava amends its Personal Income Tax Regulations in order to comply with the new developments in relation to the Beckham Law and investment deductions.

The Regional Government Council of Alava approved the modification of the Personal Income Tax Regulations by means of Regional Decree 17/2023, published in the Official Gazette of the Historical Territory of Alava.

These amendments have been made in response to the changes made in the Foral Regulation 33/2013 on Personal Income Tax, which requires an update of the regulatory development of said tax.

Among the measures adopted, adjustments have been made to the special regime for posted workers (Beckham Law), adapting it to the provisions of the Foral tax regulation. In addition, the process for exercising the option to apply this special regime has been regulated and the possibility has been established for taxpayers who opt for this regime to request a 30% reduction in the withholding applied to their earned income.

In relation to the deduction for investment in micro, small and medium-sized companies related to the silver economy, a new article has been added defining the specific requirements that these entities must meet in order to be considered directly linked to the silver economy sector and thus be able to benefit from the corresponding deduction. In addition, updates have been made to the normative references and general technical modifications have been introduced.

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